Omega Equine QuickSoak  20kg

Omega Equine QuickSoak 20kg

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Omega QuickSoak Fast Beet 10 - fast soaking beet pulp flakes specially treated to provide highly digestable fibre that's low in starch and sugar.

  • 10 minute soak in cold water, 5 minute soak in hot water
  • High in fibre and highly digestable
  • Low in starch and sugar - 95% sugar-free and molasses free

Feeding Guidelines

Add 500ml of water for every 100g of QuickSoak (5:1) ratio. Soak for 10 minutes before feeding. Feed 100g-500g (weight before soaking) per 100kg of bodyweight per day along with free access to forage. Meals should be divided into at least 2 meals per day. Do not exceed 500g/100kg of bodyweight per day. Clean drinking water must be available at all times.