Omega Equine Boswellia

Omega Equine Boswellia

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An ancient ingredient that provides significant support for joint movement and mobility.

Boswellia is a powder made from the resin secreted naturally from the Boswellia tree native to North Africa and India. Used for thousands of years, it is known to support comfortable and fluid joint movement in horses.

Despite being an ancient ingredient, modern science has found a number of benefits for equine health:  

  • Boswellia significantly supports joints and is useful for maintaining healthy movement and mobility. It also generally helps maintain the musculoskeletal system and the structural composition of connective tissues.
  • It is extremely gentle on the digestive system and has been linked to maintaining digestive health.
  • Boswellia has known properties which support a healthy and flourishing liver.
  • Omega Boswelliais competition legal and has been approved for both FEI and Jockey Club rules.