Rumenco Supalyx Sheep GP Block 22.5 Kg (Orange)

Rumenco Supalyx Sheep GP Block 22.5 Kg (Orange)

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  • Nutritional licks for sheep
  • Highly molassed
  • Fully supplemented
  • Stimulates intake
  • Corrects deficiencies
  • Improves digestibility


Supalyx are nutritional licks designed to improve the value of home grown forages by, stimulating intake, correcting deficiencies, improving digestability and supplementing proteins and energy at crutial times.

Supalyx Sheep is a highly molassed mineral-vitamin lick. Ideal for in-lamb ewes and lambs at grass or on high forage systems. It is fully supplemented and includes protected zinc and high levels of Vitamin E.

Feeding guide
Sheep: Offer ad lib, free-access 1 bucket (22.5kg) per 35 head of sheep

Calcium %  14      
Phosphorus % 0.5
Sodium % 6
Magnesium % 3
Zinc mg/kg 3000
Manganese mg/kg 1000
Iodine mg/kg 200
Cobalt mg/kg 90
Selenium mg/kg 25
Vitamin A iu/kg 200000
Vitamin D3 iu/kg 40000
Vitamin E iu/kg 1500
Vitamin B1 iu/kg 100
Vitamin B12 mcg/kg 200
Protein % 2
Ash % 50
ME MJ/kg DM 6
Sugar % 24