Thunderbrook UlsaGon 1Kg

Thunderbrook UlsaGon 1Kg

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UlsaGon buffers the digestive tract, supporting a healthy gut environment and pH. Contains purified pectins and purified beta glucans.

These are soluble fibres supporting a healthy gut and immune system, enhancing a healthy digestive mucosal lining and gut microbial balance. Contains phosphatidyl choline, a purified lecithin for gut lining support.


For horses that

  • Have sensitivity to being girthed up and the saddle put on,
  • Chew wood, lead ropes or eat soil
  • Avoid the bit with the head placement, nose upwards pointing
  • Are grumpy to the touch around the girth area, behind elbows and between legs
  • Are reluctant to pick up hind feet, snatchy movement or holds feet tight up to belly
  • Can have stressy behaviour, nervous and jumpy
  • Are poor doers or tucked up appearance